Opentape: Filling The Muxtape Void

Aug. 27, 2008

7:27 pm

In addition to talking about it here, I've been chatting up Muxtape to everyone who'll listen. But now it looks like Muxtape's gone the way of the dodo. That's too bad, really, because I honestly (and naively) believed that the Muxters might be able to sidestep the RIAA altogether. I mean, songs linked to legitimate copies at Amazon, it was near-impossible for anyone less than a Comp Sci major to hack songs out of the system, and…well, it was just so good natured and fun. You just gotta root for people who make toys this cool.

But the cassette tape, for people of my particular demographic, is a powerful symbol of youth, and when you mix all that symbolism with such a useful tool and then pull it away with a muscular, authoritarian flourish, somebody will evolve the concept – and this time, they'll make it harder to clamp down on. (See also: Napster begets Bittorrent.)

No surprise then that Opentape – a clone of Muxtape that, aside from being self-hosted, is virtually identical to our fallen comrade – is receiving all sorts of awesome geek press.

I won't lie: the install process was buggy as all hell, but it looks like the developers are trying to move fast to fill the gap left by Muxtape, and I'm confident they'll get things ironed out in short order. I've got it up and running behind a password protected directory here on TNF, and it works a charm. Don't worry. I've got all sorts of copyright permissions for these tracks. If you want to listen, just holler.

And if you like what you hear, I've been told I throw a mean bar-mitzvah.

Apropos of nothing.

A few weeks back, I promised to break each TNF content offering into a separate RSS feed. The deed is done. If you're already subscribed to TNF's main feed and you don't mind getting all this site's content delivered right to your proverbial door, do nothing. If that sounds like a bit much to take in, you can subscribe to individual feeds for links, quotes, and articles (or from your browser's address bar, natch).

Whaddya think?